Size Guide


Width is measured across garment 1cm down from armholes
Length is measured from highest point of shoulder to bottom edge of garment.

Men's / Unisex T-Shirts
Small - Width 46cm, Length 71cm
Medium - Width 51cm, Length 74cm
Large - Width 56cm, Length 76cm
XL - Width 61cm, Length 79cm
2XL - Width 66cm, Length 81cm
3XL - Width 71cm, Length 84cm

Women's Fitted T-Shirts (shaped side seams for a feminine fit)
XS (8) - Width 41.5cm, Length 62cm
S (10) - Width 44cm, Length 63cm
M (12) - Width 46.5cm, Length 64cm
L (14) - Width 49cm, Length 65cm
XL (16) - Width 51.5cm, Length 66cm
2XL (18)  - Width 54cm, Length 67cm

Children's T-Shirts
1-2 years - Width 31cm, Length 38cm
2-3 years - Width 33cm, Length 41cm
3-4 years - Width 38cm, Length 45cm
5-6 years - Width 40.5cm, Length 50cm
7-8 years - Width 43cm, Length 55cm
9-11 years - Width 45cm, Length 60cm
12-13 years - Width 48.5cm, Length 65cm